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Halloween celebration 10/29/2016

It is Halloween time again. Children and adults participate in the celebration. Some of our furry babies also get dressed up in costumes. Pet parents do this with good intention, but do your pets really enjoy it or are stressed out? Here are a few things to remember to make them comfortable and safe during this time of the year.

1. Dressing up pets
It may look funny to dress up your lovely pets , and if they are enjoying it let it stay on them, If they are scared or stressed out, leave them alone. Most of the pets are stressed out or are frightened by strange people visiting their house, that too in unfamiliar scary costumes. So unless your dog is very outgoing, it may be better to keep them indoor only away from the noise and strangers. Do not even think about dressing up your cat!

2. Food Items
Many food items used for Halloween can pose serious threat to your pets. Candies are the greatest risk. Chocolate or Candies containing artificial sweeteners can be life threatening.. Leaving them on countertop or table can be very tempting to pets and they will find a way to reach, open package and devour. Chocolate is a health a hazard to your pet but the artificial sweetener, “Xylitol” can be very dangerous even in small amounts. Keep all candy with Xylitol and Chocolate safely away from pet’s reach

If by a chance they get in to candy /chocolate, call your veterinarian.

Pumpkin, although is not dangerous by itself, some pets will eat it a lot and can cause stomach problems.

3. Decorations
Many decorative material and strings used to adorn the outfits, Corn cob used to decorate, electrical cords used for lighting can be dangerous. Dogs love to chew on them and can result in an intestinal blockage requiring surgery.
Halloween can be exciting and funny for all of us, but carefully think about the safety of your pets.

Foods items not good for Your Pets 10/15/2016

Hot Dogs
While tasty, hot dogs are not the healthiest food for us humans, and they are even worse for pets. Hot dogs are packed with tons of salt and preservatives, both in levels that dogs are just not used to. Excessive amounts can lead to diarrhea and indigestion. It’s our recommendation to avoid them altogether, but if you must must must give in to temptation and treat your dog, please exercise moderation. Also, it’s helpful to cut them into bite-size pieces to avoid choking hazards.

Snack Foods
Chips are pretzels are also full of salt that can cause excessive thirst and urination.  And who wants a dog peeing everywhere!?  In all seriousness, snack foods are just as unhealthy for dogs as they can be for us and we should exercise caution.  If your dog gets too many snacks it can lead to sodium ion poisoning, the effects of which can include vomiting, diarrhea, fevers and even death.

The leftover remains from ribs, steaks or chicken wings can be dangerous in the mouth of your dog.  Bones can splinter easily  and if they are digested they can cause puncture wounds in your dogs mouth, stomach or digestive tract.  They can also lead to obstructions and other health hazards.  For your dog’s safety, make sure everyone knows where they can safely dispose of their food.

Fruits and Desserts
Fruits in general are high in sugar and can lead to blood glucose issues, but the main culprits to watch out for are grapes and raisins.  They have been shown to cause serious kidney issues and even death when consumed by dogs.  Desserts that include chocolate or Xylitol are no-nos for dogs, as they can prove fatal quickly.

Choking Hazards
Many cookout foods are also choking hazards.  Hot dogs, bones, and corn cobs can get lodged in your dog’s airway.  Keep an eye out for anything that is larger than bite size.

An ice cold beer or mixed drink might be the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day, but it is not going to have the same effect on your pet.  Even a small amount, just a few licks or laps, can be dangerous or even fatal.  In a festive environment, once drinks start pouring it’s not uncommon for a few glasses to get abandoned here and there, so make sure you clean up after your forgetful friends.
Okay, cookouts are all about fun and food.  If we enjoy these things, why shouldn’t our pets?  They can have fun too, as long as we are responsible and make it safe for them!

The good folks at the   have come up with some tasty, pet safe recipes that you can prepare for your pet and bring to your next cookout.  The recipes include a tasty Bacon Swiss Burger, a delectable Turkey Burger and Peanut Butter Treats!

As mentioned earlier, you can give in and treat your pet to normal cookout fare but it is important that you remember what is poisonous, what can be a choking hazard and what you should feed in moderation.  If your pet is just too far determined to get into the entire spread, it might be a good idea to take them indoors or to another part of the yard where they can stay out of harm’s way.

Have fun this summer, but be safe — even if your pet whines just a bit because they can enjoy the buffet, they will appreciate your mindful discretion in the long run!

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